Max Supply: 100,000,000,000      Circulating Supply: 1003420000.005297      Current Block: 3420      Market Cap: n/a      24h Vol: n/a

About United World Money

United World Money Plc is the administrator for the issuance and transfer of value to the UWM Foundation which holds the underlying asset value created from the purchase of the coins. was founded in October 2017. The online business was focussed on disruptive fintech. The next stage of its development is bringing the peer-to-peer (P2P) technology to the world via blockchain to build an open and fairer financial system for all.

Security: The security offered by blockchain protocols allows us to create a coin that can be used to remit, store, or borrow.

Trust: The team have successfully built out and currently operate a e-point of sale and inventory platform used worldwide.

Privacy: Anonymity will be supported by the wallets zerocoin function and blockchain.

Regulation: None of the activities associated with the UWM coins are regulated in the UK, however the standards of data protection (GDPR), Know Your Customer (KYC) and Anti Money Laundering (AML) protocols and segregated client accounts are managed by United World Money Plc.


About UWM Foundation

The value of the coin is tacitly stabilised through the publication of the value of assets purchased through the issuance of coins. Other crypto currencies only have intrinsic speculative value, with no underlying assets. The sentiment of purchasing UWM is far stronger as 95% of the value of a freshly minted UWM coin is used by the UWM Foundation to purchase real world assets (Property, Energy, Gold etc).

The purpose of the UWM Foundation is to securely hold these assets (never being able to dispose of the value), continuously publish the value of these underlying assets and with any surplus over and above the speculative value of the issued tokens, build better infrastructure (speed, cost and security) for coin holders and create a centre of excellence for the education of digital currencies.



Since the financial crisis in 2008, trust in the world’s banks, financial institutions and governments is at an all-time low and ready for disruption. The blockchain and the UWM Coin holders can influence this global evolution simply and securely by creating a trusted network, using Distributed Ledger Technology (DLT).


We aim to bring trust to the crypto world by creating an underlying value in the UWM Coin.


When the uwm coin is used as a payment or exchange, not only will the trade be on the public blockchain ledger, but the network has a fully measurable underlying value as well as any speculative value of an emergent digital currency. This is held in a Foundation which is unable to ever dispose of this value and with any surplus is able to provide education about digital currencies and invest in infrastructure to increase speed and reduce costs to coin holders.


No World Wide Platform:

Centralised banks exist in their own individual silo’s. They communicate internationally but are governed by their own country’s governments and regulators.

No Safe Transactions:

We trust third parties to make the transactions for us. Wouldn’t it be safer if we could do this for ourselves?

No Global Payment Systems:

Again, we are reliant on the payment systems made available to us by the trusted third parties. These systems may communicate with each other however are subject to some restrictions.

UWM Solutions

Global Single-Platform:

Blockchain is a global solution allowing the decentralisation of the monetary system.

Be Safe and Secure:

Transactions are recorded at multiple locations with decisions being made by more than one ‘person’. This peer to peer decision making ensures anonymity together with increased security.

Decentralize Payment Systems

Eliminates the borders inherent with centralised solutions.

The main issue

Cryptocurrencies have many advantages over local government currency. The main benefit is their ability to function and operate without a single point of failure, which hackers can target.

A traditional bank generally has a computer-based records system that is the sole point of contact for decisions within the organisation. Whilst this system may contain many individual computers it is essentially a single group. A decentralised system, via blockchain, removes that single entity and instead spreads it across a number of ‘decision makers’ who must agree to the transaction before it can happen.

This decentralisation allows for more privacy as the information does not pass through one single entity. Spreading the data across multiple points makes it more difficult to track the information. If you are looking for a way to protect your identity and online information, decentralisation is it.


Introducing the UWM Platform

When you become a member of the UWM network and community, you are provided access to the secure UWM portal where you view your transactions. You will have full visibility in a secure and safe environment.

Safe & Secure Transactions
Encrypted and Kept Private
Instant & Anonymous Transactions
Decentralised & Asset Backed